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Want free CGI scripts? This page points you to the best free CGI sites on the web. And, for those of you who cannot run CGI on your web site, we also show you where you can find some remotely hosted programs.


Matt's Script Archive
This site offers a wide variety of CGI scripts for free. Cookie management, searches, counters, random links, random images and much more. PERL, C and C++ scripts available.

The CGI Resource Index
3500 scripts available written in PERL, C and C++. An excellent site with 1000's of CGI programs organised into categories, making it simple to find the program you're looking for. Not all the scripts on this site are free, but well worth checking out.
This excellent site offers you a collection of free, remotely hosted CGI scripts. You can customize your scripts to enhance and improve your web site. Scripts availible include a stats tracker, guestbook, access counters, spam fighter and META tag generator.

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