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Joke Software
Find out where to get fun and jokey software from. You could create whacky images of your favourite photos or change the computer curser of your unsuspecting friend to a middle finger.


Caricature Zone
This fun site allows you to create your own funny cartoon caricatures and transform your own photos into wacky images. Caricature Zone also has an impressive collection of caricatures of the rich and famous.

Fake Delete
Want to play a joke on a work colleague? Then Fake Delete is the joke you want. It simulates the deletion of all files/folders in the Windows directory or whichever directory is passed via the command line. It looks realistick and will leave your co worker stressed & calling for help.

RJL Software created a headache fun program. This free prank software will gag anyone who wants a headache.

Open/Close CD-ROM Drive
Download this simple program & play a joke on someone you know. This joke works best when a shortcut is made to a popular program, e.g. Microsoft Word. When the shortcut is clicked on, their CD-ROM drive will open all by it's self. Great trick for inexperienced users.

The Finger
The Finger will have you laughing for hours! Launch The Finger on an unsuspecting user and watch their reaction when the cursor changes to the middle finger and then back to normal again. By default The Finger runs hidden in Windows and will switch the mouse cursor to a finger every 5 seconds, but you can configure how often the cursor will change by passing the word

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