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MP3 files use a format which allows large files to be squashed right down, making downloads much faster and more practical. Hardly any sound quality is lost during compression so have a look at these well laid out free sites to find the best MP3 files for you.


Inter-Search - Audio Search
Excellent audio files search engine. Whether you're looking for songs or some spooky sound effects, this is the place to start.

Free Childrens Music
Lots of music downloads for children in mp3 format.

Kazaa Media Desktop
Find MP3s, movies or almost anything quickly and easily. Kazaa Media Desktop Ver 2 includes anti viral software to ensure the files you download are safe. The best file sharing software available.

Lycos Music
Probably the best MP3 search engine on the net. Provides information about each MP3 file - size, rating and total number of downloads. Other features include music news, concert listings and online videos.

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