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Free Stuff For Kids
Stuff to keep the kids quiet for ages, without you having to spend a penny. Check through our section of free stuff for kids.


A to Z Teacher Stuff
Whether you are a teacher, have kids or are a kid yourself, you will find so much for kids to do here. Learn nursery rhymes, print out flash cards, pictures, games, puzzles, sudoku and much much more.

BlackDog's Time Worksheets
Help your child learn how to tell the time. Practice with BlackDog's cool clock worksheets. These worksheets are print and play. No plug-ins required, only a working printer.

Free Flower Pressing Ideas
Pressing flowers is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. Learn how easy the process is. Choose to press your flowers between two books or two pieces of wood to preserve your favourite flowers. Tips on how to speed up the drying process by using a microwave.

Free Online Stories
This wonderful site is ideal for children who love having stories read to them. The site has many books for your child to choose from, each read aloud by a screen actor such as Elijah Wood & Sean Astin. Each book also includes accompanying activities and lesson ideas.

Fun Face Painting
This is great site for explaining the art of face painting. Find out what is needed to start out, learn face paint designs & look at what can be achieved in the gallery.

Make A Crayon & Pencil Beadie
Have fun making this crayon & pencil beadie key chain. Using a combination of coloured beads, a key ring & some plastic lacing, you can make a key chain your friends will envy.

Print 'n' Play Toys
This site offers an assortment of paper toys that you and your child can print, cut out and play with together; such as a space station, a racing car, table soccer & more.

Simply Kid Stuff
Have fun this summer with this free home bubble making recipe. Very simple to make and will leave you blowing and popping bubbles for hours.


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