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Free Stuff For Babies
Kids cost a fortune, especially when they are young. But there are so many places offering free stuff for babies, that with any luck, you'll probably be able to get enough free stuff to keep you going for months.


Free Babies Sleep Guide
Get a free copy of the Good Night Sleep Guide from Karvol here, get your baby into a good sleeping routine but hurry they only have 8,000 copies to give away.

Free Guide to Introducing Solids
Is your baby about to go on to solids? Yoplait Petitis Filous offer a free copy of "Little Spoonfuls" A guide to introducimg your baby to solid foods.

Babies Online
**Create a web page for your new baby, complete with pictures, instantly and for free! Tons of other great, and free!, stuff for new and expectant parents too, like Free Online Birth Announcements, Baby Photo Contests, Free Baby Samples, Free Pregnancy Journals, Parenting Information, and more!

Free Calpol Parenting MiniGuides
Calpol is a name all parents know & trust. Now they have produced a mini guide in the form of handy sized cards, full of helpful information on topics such as teething, crying, immunisations and much more.

Free Hipp Information Pack & DVD
Hipp with over 50 years experience in making organic baby foods, have decided to offer a free information pack & DVD to parents within the UK.. Fill in your details & your freebies will arrive within 14 days.

Teething Babies
Free leaflet - A Parent's Guide to Childhood Fever & Pain

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